About this site

Nordic Coworking is a news publication for all things coworking in the Nordics region. Our goal is to be the town square for the industry, shining a spotlight on achievements, insights and trends relating to the shift towards flexible space as the new standard for office space.

Seeing as the market has grown from just a few niche actors to the sprawling ecosystem it is today, we weren't surprised that no such meeting place existed. For coworking to grow from it's current market share of 3-5% of the office market in the Nordics to being the new normal, there is still a long way to go. We strongly believe that when new markets emerge there is an enormous upside for each and every participant to share and learn from each other. Nordic Coworking aims to create the meeting grounds to facilitate that goal.

Expect Nordic Coworking to be the place where you hear industry news first. Be it an operator opening a new location, a person starting a new position, a key lease signed with a cool company or new trends and reports about the industry's development. We highly value input from our readers and hope that you will help us by sending us your breaking news and tips so that we in turn can share it with our audience.

The people behind Nordic Coworking is the team behind yta.se, the Nordics largest marketplace for coworking space. We have been following and participating in the coworking market since 2015 and have over the years built a passion for the space, the people in the industry, and the pioneering tenants who have put their faith in coworking being their next home. We will use Nordic Coworking as a platform to share all industry news, regardless of it's affiliation with yta.se business doings.

We look forward to following the industry together with you all, we have some exciting years ahead of us.

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