Nordic Coworking launches news platform

Nordic Coworking launches news platform
Brygghuset in Stockholm is one of over 200 coworking spaces in the city

Hello and welcome to Nordic CoWorking!

We're thrilled to present a space dedicated to all things co-working in the beautiful, innovative, and resilient Nordic region. From Denmark to Sweden, Finland to Norway, this site aims to keep you informed and inspired about the ever-evolving co-working landscape.

So, why Nordic CoWorking?

Co-working spaces have been rapidly changing the dynamics of how we work, providing flexibility, fostering collaboration, and breeding innovation. The Nordic region, renowned for its forward-thinking and inventive spirit, has embraced this shift in work culture with open arms, establishing a vibrant co-working environment.

Our mission is to bring you insightful content about this flourishing industry. Expect updates on new and exciting co-working spaces, industry trends, interviews with leaders and innovators, and in-depth articles that delve into the challenges and triumphs of co-working in the Nordics. Whether you're a digital nomad, a start-up founder, an investor, or just someone intrigued by the co-working scene, we've got something for you.

As we kickstart this journey, we encourage your active participation. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Engage with the content, contribute to the conversation, and help us create a lively, informed community.

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Here's to exploring the thriving Nordic co-working landscape together!

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