A House Makes Major Investment – Opens in Five New Locations

A House Makes Major Investment – Opens in Five New Locations
Börshuset. Photo: Fastighetsvärlden

In February 2024, A house will open in a 3,000 square meter space in Börshuset building within Atrium Ljungberg's Slakthusområdet. However, this is not the only venture in the pipeline – by 2026, A house plans to open an additional four facilities. The total co-working space, including both old and new locations, will be at least 17,000 square meters.

The facility in Börshuset building is the first joint project with Atrium Ljungberg since the company acquired 50% of the shares from A house in the spring of 2023. Initially, A house will occupy the ground floor and the second floor, which together have an area of 1,818 square meters. When the basement and attic have also been renovated, it will amount to a total space of 3,000 square meters.

The building will be developed in collaboration with tenants, a method they have previously applied at A house Ark, formerly known as the School of Architecture. Johan Almquist, CEO of A house, told Fastighetsvärlden: "Our experience is that you use what you are involved in creating”.

A house is specialized in catering to certain types of creative businesses, and there won't be a change in focus for the Slakthusområdet location. Here, the emphasis will primarily be on food and beverages, but also music and design.

The first tenant in Börshuset building will be Bocuse d’Or Team Sweden, which will establish a training kitchen in the basement, where there used to be a restaurant. This is a significant investment with sponsors and partners involved, making them a long-term tenant. The company's first facility is located in the old School of Architecture in Östermalm – A house Ark, which focuses on music, food, fashion, and media.

Johan Almquist believes that with A house's presence in the area, it marks the beginning of the daytime phase, following Atrium Ljungberg's success in developing the nightlife.

Another A house facility is planned for the Slakthusområdet area in the future, with an opening expected at the end of 2024. This facility will be located in House 25 and will have an area of 1,600 square meters. A more distant project is Atrium Ljungberg's Stationshuset in Sickla, where trams, the Saltsjöbanan, and the subway will converge. A house will also have another facility in that building.

However, A house is not limited to projects with Atrium Ljungberg. In Gothenburg, they have partnered with Peab to open a facility at Bananpiren in Frihamnen, with an expected opening in 2026. Johan Almquist stated, "We have received inquiries from Malmö, both from the municipality and various property owners, but right now, we have enough on our plate. We aim to carry out the same quality as we did with Arkitektskolan in our current ventures."

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