Convendum opens latest location on Drottninggatan, Stockholm CBD

Convendum opens latest location on Drottninggatan, Stockholm CBD
Convendum coworking. Photo: Convendum

Convendum, Sweden's by far largest coworking operator, has on the 1st of July 2023 inaugurated its newest facility in central Stockholm, reinforcing its position as the leading operator in the country. The new addition, located at Drottninggatan 29, is its fourth opening for 2023 and a marks Drottninggatan's 6th coworking space.

Spanning across four floors, the space boasts approximately 5400sqm and 500 workstations, numerous lounges, meeting rooms, and a plethora of terraces facing various directions. Convendum will occupy floors 5 through 8, with the 7th and 8th floors containing some great terraces.

"We're thrilled to extend our footprint in one of Stockholm's most central areas. Being in the governmental district on Drottninggatan, businesses will be in close proximity to all that the city offers. Our presence here encapsulates the essence of vibrancy and exclusivity," expressed Oscar Limbäck, COO at Convendum.

Guests and members entering the Convendum facility are greeted with expansive open areas featuring windows on all sides and high ceilings, whilst still being attuned to the bustling street-level activity. One of the major highlights includes a spacious terrace overlooking Klara Church, ideal for networking events and enjoyable lunches. Built in 1971, the Drottninggatan property also houses notable tenants such as Espresso House, Netigate, and toy store Lekia.

Johan Zachrisson, Business Development Manager at Fabege, remarked, "We are pleased to welcome Convendum and its members as tenants at yet another prime address. They augment the city's offerings superbly and play a pivotal role in energizing the office market."

This year has been particularly prolific for Convendum, with previous openings at Birger Jarlsgatan 57, Sveavägen 38, and Brahegatan 10. Later in the year, the Sundbyberg center in Koppartråden is set to open its doors to another Convendum coworking space.

Further details reveal an upcoming launch on October 1st at Löfströms Allé 6 in Sundbyberg.

Convendum's latest endeavor on Drottninggatan marks its 16th Swedish location, pushing its total operational space beyond the 70,000 sqm mark, solidifying its dominant presence in Sweden. 2022 was a significant year for Convendum, showcasing a revenue growth from 240msek to 341msek, despite reporting a loss of 69msek.

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