Convendum opens large center in Spårvagnshallarna

Convendum opens large center in Spårvagnshallarna
Photo: Convendum

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Convendum, the well-known coworking operator, announced the grand opening of its latest location in the historic Spårvagnshallarna in Stockholm. The significant event is slated for the 1st of March 2023, marking a fresh addition to the city's coworking landscape.

The newly minted location covers a sprawling 7600 square meters, affirming Convendum's commitment to provide ample, flexible workspaces to the growing number of businesses and freelancers seeking modern office solutions. Balder, the property owner, has cooperated closely with Convendum to bring this project to fruition.

Oscar Limbäck, COO at Convendum, stated earlier, "Our establishment in Spårvagnshallarna is a major milestone for us." This new facility indeed stands as a testament to Convendum's growth and dedication to creating environments that foster productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Balder, recognized for its diverse portfolio of property investments, reaffirms its support for Convendum's vision. Martin Berg, Regional Manager Commercial at Fastighets AB Balder, previously stated, "We are very pleased with the collaboration with Convendum. Their services and service offerings create benefits for us as property owners and the tenants in the building."

This new location in Spårvagnshallarna is expected to become a hotspot for businesses and individuals alike, further cementing Stockholm's reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. As the city continues to attract global talent, Convendum's expansion contributes significantly to meeting the demand for flexible, modern, and well-equipped workspaces.

In the heart of the city, surrounded by history, yet filled with state-of-the-art facilities, the new Convendum location in Spårvagnshallarna promises a unique blend of the old and the new - a symbol of Stockholm's rich heritage and bright future.

Read Convendums press release here.

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