Convendum CONVENDUM Opens New Coworking Space at Brahegatan 10, Near Stureplan

Convendum CONVENDUM Opens New Coworking Space at Brahegatan 10, Near Stureplan
Convendum Brahegatan. Photo: Convendum

CONVENDUM opened a new location in central Stockholm on Monday, April 3rd. The facility is conveniently located near Stureplan, at Brahegatan 10. This marks the third CONVENDUM opening in 2023, and two more are expected later this year in downtown Stockholm and the emerging city environment Fabriksparken, and the office building Koppartråden in central Sundbyberg.

The property at Brahegatan 10 boasts a state-of-the-art coworking space with several office plans for both large and small businesses. It also features a larger conference center for both members and external guests that spans the entire entrance floor. The location, adjacent to Stureplan and Humlegården, makes the center an attractive meeting place for both innovative entrepreneurs and large corporations. At Brahegatan, CONVENDUM can offer several Big Office solutions with offices for up to 500 people.

"We are very happy to be able to build on the system in central Stockholm with the center at Brahegatan, a very central address with great opportunities for both work and meetings. The vision with Brahegatan is to attract companies that value quality and location - something I am sure we can do," says Oscar Limbäck, COO at CONVENDUM.

CONVENDUM continues to expand and grow in the country's largest cities. With a focus on the main market of Stockholm, CONVENDUM strengthens its presence in downtown and will open more centers in 2023. All this aims to create more opportunities and accessibility for new and existing members. The property at Brahegatan has been owned by Harmerica Properties since the fall of 2022.

"We at Harmerica Properties wish CONVENDUM and their customers a warm welcome to fantastic workspaces in the heart of Stockholm," says Berit Möller, COO at Harmerica Properties AB.

Upcoming CONVENDUM openings for 2023 include:

July 1: Drottninggatan 29, Stockholm October 1: Löfströms Allé 6, Sundbyberg

Read the press release in it's entirety here.

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