Helio opens a new coworking space in the Stockholm City center

Helio, a prominent coworking operator, has announced its plans to open a new coworking space in Stockholm at Gamla Brogatan 32. The latest addition to its portfolio is set to welcome members in the fall of 2023.

The property, owned by Axfast, is located in the heart of the city. Axfast is well-known for owning several properties in the city center, making it a strategic partner in Helio's expansion efforts.

The new location will be Helio's tenth coworking space. This milestone reflects the operator's continuous commitment to providing conducive workspaces for Stockholm's expanding coworking community.

In preparation for the opening, the office at Gamla Brogatan 32 is undergoing a full renovation to suit the Helio brand. Every detail is being thoughtfully addressed to ensure the space aligns with Helio's product and caters to the needs of modern professionals.

Once renovations are complete, the coworking space will have the capacity to accommodate up to 300 members. This capacity indicates Helio's readiness to serve the city's increasing demand for flexible, shared workspaces.

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