iOffice set to open flagship center on Sveavägen in Stockholm

iOffice set to open flagship center on Sveavägen in Stockholm
iOffice latest coworking space to open, Olof Palmes gata in the center of Stockholm. Photo:

iOffice - Stockholm's fastest growing coworking operator, has set their sights on their newest acquisition. In August 2024 iOffice will open their 9th center in Stockholm, 6300m2 on Sveavägen 32. The lease is iOffice largest and most ambitious project as of yet, and signals their willingness invest in solidifying their position in the Stockholm Coworking market.

The premises comprise the entire building of 10 floors. The building boasts several terraces, a large courtyard, an aula for larger events, and on top of that iOffice will be turning the entrance and basement floors into a café and a larger gym. The building, built in 1920, was previously housed by Berghs school of communication.

Homan Tehrani, iOffice CEO. Photo: iOffice

"Over the last couple of years we have seen a strong increase in demand from larger teams demanding flexible office solutions, for which our tailored solutions where we build offices according to our clients needs on flexible terms have been a perfect fit. With Sveavägen iOffice is making sure we have more space to offer the market and that they will be our best offices as of yet, taking a big step to elevate our product by investing more than we have done ever before." Homan Tehrani, CEO at iOffice.

With this lease iOffice grows their footprint in Stockholm to 25 530m2, putting them in 3rd place according to total square meters operated in the city. iOffice has grown quickly over the last years, posting 123msek in revenue for 2022 compared to 50msek in 2021 and 24msek in 2020. iOffice offers a full service concept while focusing on building tailored offices for larger clients as well as delivering competitive pricing.

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