Teatergatan coworking space undergoes renovation

Teatergatan coworking space undergoes renovation
Teatergatan coworking space in Gothenburg. Photo: World Trade Center

Located right at the heart of Gothenburg, close to the avenue, is the coworking space on Teatergatan. This spring, the staff at World Trade Center Göteborg have embarked on a renovation project with an aim to enhance the working environment for its members.

The Teatergatan 19 facility is an urban sanctuary offering the best of Gothenburg's location. With the city's bustling atmosphere right on its doorstep, members have easy access to intriguing shops and restaurants. This includes offerings from their partner, Evolushi, known for its unique sushi, and a variety of cafes and brunch spots. Inside the space, members can enjoy private terraces, book stylish meeting rooms, and network with diverse professionals from different sectors. The office rooms vary in size, with some overlooking the vibrant terraces and others offering a view of the street's life.

As the Teatergatan area flourishes, so does the co-working facility. With a surge of new eateries and shops, combined with aesthetic enhancements from the Avenyn association, Teatergatan is emerging as a thriving street. The Teatergatan coworking space was launched in 2008, complementing their earlier facility on Mässans Gata 10. By 2015, they had expanded to occupy the entire floor of their building. With almost full occupancy and a diverse array of companies and members, it was time for a change.

The spring project aimed to rejuvenate parts of the Teatergatan facility to create an even more dynamic and pleasant workspace. "Our theme is the Swedish forest. Our vision revolves around harmonizing familial vibes with a modern environment, fostering creativity and comfort for our members," says Tom Rydell, CEO of World Trade Center Göteborg and City Office in Stockholm.

The staff came together in a collective effort to beautify the terraces, invest in new furnishings, and get hands-on with paintbrushes. The erstwhile orange paint is now replaced with lighter hues, and the terraces have been revamped with decking. Pleased with the outcome, they recently inaugurated the renovated terraces with a summer party alongside their valued members.

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