The Works Expands in Stockholm: New Coworking Space Set for Klarabergsgatan 60

The Works Expands in Stockholm: New Coworking Space Set for Klarabergsgatan 60
The Works expands with new coworking space in the city center of Stockholm. Photo: Hufvudstaden

The Works, a leading player in cost-effective coworking spaces in development properties, has signed an agreement with Hufvudstaden to establish a 2,500 square meter location at the Orgelpipan 7 property, located at Klarabergsgatan 60. This marks the company's second operation within Stockholm's toll boundary, after their site at Medborgarplatsen, and contributes a much-needed low-cost option in the city center.

The Works was founded in 2018, and focuses on developing cost-effective coworking solutions in properties under development. As the Orgelpipan property is being investigated for planned expansions and modifications, The Works will operate coworking spaces during the project phase.

"We are very pleased to have signed an agreement with Hufvudstaden, which owns fine and centrally located properties in Stockholm. Orgelpipan 7 has a fantastic location right next to Stockholm Central, a location that is very sought after by our coworking customers," says Andreas Broryd, CEO and founder of The Works.

The concept at Klarabergsgatan will offer flexible office solutions, where companies can choose between renting a separate office or a private office room sharing common areas such as kitchen, meeting rooms, and lounges. The Works will take over the premises on April 1st and plans to open on May 1st.

Frida Wijkström, Business Area Manager Stockholm at Hufvudstaden, is optimistic about the partnership. "The Works' coworking concept fits in very well now when the Orgelpipan property is being investigated for extensions and additions. We look forward to welcoming them to us."

Read Hufvudstadens press release on the subject here.

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