United Spaces announces new center in Jönköping

United Spaces announces new center in Jönköping
Photo: United Spaces

In an exciting development for Jönköping's business community, national coworking leader United Spaces has announced the opening of a state-of-the-art 1500 sqm coworking hub in central Jönköping this November. The facility will be part of Werket, Castellum's latest destination aimed at fostering regional business development.

Located on the historic castle grounds, Castellum is revitalizing a 1970s brick property, intending to make it a dynamic hub for the local business community. Emphasizing values such as innovation, sustainability, and inclusiveness, the property will be certified under BREEAM and WELL standards.

United Spaces, renowned for its coworking spaces across major Swedish cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, sees this as a significant step in meeting the region's growing demand for flexible, innovative workspaces. Emelie Mannheimer, CEO of United Spaces, expressed her enthusiasm for the venture, emphasizing its alignment with local needs.

The new space promises a conducive environment for businesses, offering both private offices and flexible lounge spaces, fostering networking and collaborative opportunities. Andreas Georgii from Castellum shared his optimism, viewing United Spaces' addition as a pivotal move for Jönköping's commercial landscape.

About United Spaces

United Spaces currently operates 10 centres in Sweden across Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Uppsala, operating over 30 000sqm of coworking space in Sweden. They are owned by one of Sweden's largest commercial real estate owners, Castellum.

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