Vasakronan Announces 6th Coworking Space at Iconic "Läppstiftet" in Göteborg

Vasakronan Announces 6th Coworking Space at Iconic "Läppstiftet" in Göteborg
Photo: Vasakronan

Continuing its commitment to growing Sweden's coworking landscape, Vasakronan has announced plans to open its sixth coworking space. This newest addition will be located in the iconic "Läppstiftet" building in Göteborg, a well-known landmark offering some of the best views over the Göta River.

A product of 1980's construction by Skanska and the architectural firm White Arkitekter, the red and white-striped Läppstiftet building, also known as Lilla Bommen, is a recognizable feature of the Göteborg skyline. Now under Vasakronan's ownership, the building houses office spaces for various companies.

The upcoming coworking space, known as Arena Läppstiftet, will occupy the entrance floor of the building and one additional floor. Similar to Vasakronan's previous projects, this new coworking space will embody the Arena brand's commitment to providing modern, flexible workspace solutions. It will feature a range of facilities, including several meeting rooms, flexible workstations, and private offices, all designed to meet the diverse needs of today's workforce.

Arena Läppstiftet is set to open its doors in September 2023, further expanding Vasakronan's premium coworking portfolio. This expansion illustrates the company's ongoing dedication to shaping an inspiring and functional coworking environment across Sweden.

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