Vasakronan to Launch Its 7th Coworking Space in Stockholm's "Skrapan"

Vasakronan to Launch Its 7th Coworking Space in Stockholm's "Skrapan"
Arena Skrapan - Photo: Vasakronan

Vasakronan, Sweden's largest commercial property owner, continues to advance its flexible office offerings, marking its 7th coworking space launch. By undertaking such aggressive steps into the flexible office market, Vasakronan not only solidifies its commitment to this thriving sector but also sets the pace for other commercial property owners.

With the new addition, Vasakronan's coworking portfolio will total 17,000 square meters, in addition to more than 20,000 square meters of private offices with flexible terms. This expansion demonstrates the company's foresight and adaptability in responding to the evolving market trends and the growing demand for flexible workspace solutions.

The upcoming coworking space will be located in the well-known "Skrapan" in Södermalm, Stockholm. Occupying 3,500 square meters on the second floor of a previously vacated mall, the new space will cater to the needs of up to 500 members. In line with Vasakronan's commitment to creating inspiring and functional workplaces, the coworking space will feature 39 meeting rooms, ensuring ample space for collaboration and interaction among members.

The new coworking space in "Skrapan" is set to open in September. As Vasakronan continues its steady pace of expansion, it is setting the standard for what commercial property owners can achieve in the flexible office market.

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